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Digital Echo Videos                                                           

Distributed by:

Digital Echo's popular videos have been downloaded on five continents in the countries of Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Columbia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico & the Dominican Republic in English and Spanish. The previews below are compressed and free to view.  Click the title to view our 80 sermon illustration and text background videos on 8 pages on Sermonspice.  Memorial Day Sermon Video Remember the Sacrifice   Remember the Sacrifice-Short Version

Patriotic Holidays or Any Day! Moving and Inspirational!  Very Popular.

Remember the Sacrifice-Short Version   Run Time: 3:37.  Newly edited version with just the WWII Veteran has new, rich color overlays.  Great for Veterans Day, Memorial Day or Remembrance Day   This video is appropriate for any day. The short version doesn't have the US flag intro so it can be used easily in other countries.

Digital Echo Video-Remember the Sacrifice-Full Version  Patriotic Holidays or Any Day!

Remember the Sacrifice-Full Version  Run Time: 5:29.  This recently revised version has just been released for use for any Sunday. This newly edited version has includes both the WWII and the Vietnam veteran,  rich color overlays, US flag intro and added historic photos. 

Remember the Sacrifice - Memorial Day Version    This version has the holiday mentioned in the title and has both veterans interviewed.


Sacrifice Scriptures Welcome L30

Patriotic Video Loops and Countdowns  for the U.S. 


Freedom in Christ Contemporary Welcome Loop L39  Presidents Day or Any Day!

Freedom in Christ Welcome Loop L39 sermon video  Great for Patriotic Holidays or Any Day.  Encouraging scripture supported by driving contemporary music and graphics celebrate our spiritual freedom in Christ. 


Countdown #16: Freedom in Christ - 4 Minute  Presidents Day or Any Day!

Countdown#16: Freedom in Christ  4 Minute  Also available is a 5:00 minute countdown. Colorful backgrounds and counter before the verses start. Great for Patriotic Holidays or Any Day.


Digital Echo-Freedom in Christ-5 minute Countdown  Patriotic Days or Any Day!

Countdown #15: Freedom in Christ - 5 Minute Countdown  rocks on with a message appropriate for any day.  Verses on Freedom in Christ  follow after the first minute and 42 seconds of colorful backgrounds behind a large counter. Also available in a 4 minute countdown and a loop without the counter. Sacrifice Scriptures Welcome L30  

Patriotic Holidays!

Sacrifice Scripture Welcome Loop L30   Powerful Verses on Sacrifice.  Many versions on Sacrifice and Freedom in Christ are available in a choice of music styles on See Non-U.S. English Language Videos below for versions without the US flags.

Patriotic Video Loops and Countdowns  for the U.S.


Remember the Sacrifice-Use Any Day Version-No US Flags   

Without US Flags

Remember the Sacrifice-Use Any Day Version    Run Time: 5:29.   This Full Version is designed for Non-U.S. Audiences, without the American flags.   Moving accounts from Veterans of God's provision on the battlefield.  Link is for the  "Any Day"  Version .   For the recently re-released U.S. Full and Short Versions-see  further above.  (Short Version does not have the flags so can also be appropriate for audiences outside of the U.S.) 

Non-U.S. English Lanquage Videos: Patriotic loops, and Countdowns   Illustrations, Loops & Countdowns with the Bible verses on a gold motion background instead of the flags.



Countdown #12 Butterfly Background   Length: 5:00.    Butterfly Background with countdown counter and Bach musical piece, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring beautifully played on harp.  This countdown background is ready for your custom text of welcome to your particular church, theme title or message title. Customize this countdown to match your needs or look for this video as you like.


Grunge Butterfly Background Loop for Your Text

Grunge Butterfly Background Loop - L43 - for Your Text  Add your own Announcements, lyrics, welcome, sermon notes or countdown.


Yellow Flowers Green Foliage Short Background Loop

Yellow Flowers Green Foliage Short Loop   for your text.


All Nature Background Loops  for lyrics, announcements or welcome text with and without traditional and contemporary music. Click title for Nature Loop Selections.

List of All Countdowns

List of All Welcome Loops

Holiday Videos

Live Interviews & Man on the Street Videos

Freedom in Christ

Sacrifice Videos

Patriotic Video Loops for the U.S.

English Language videos created for Audiences outside the United States

Spanish Video Selection

Break Down the Wall - Digital Echo Video

Break Down the Wall     A powerful video that you can use all year long!  We all crave contact with God. This is a moving introduction to your sermon on allowing Christ to break down the barrier of sin that keeps us from community with God.   I John 1:3, Romans 5:10, Isaiah 53, Psalms 14, Romans 3

Your Eternal Bank Account - Video for the U.S.

Your Eternal Bank Account   A video on what Jesus said about money. Do not up for yourselves treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal. Created to introduce your sermon on today's economic meltdown and how we as Christians should react to it.   Now also available for Canada, Euro, Australia & New Zealand and Spanish language.  

 Your Eternal Bank Account-UK Version Your Eternal Bank Account-Canadian Version 


To Select a Version Click Here

God's Bailout Plan   A rockin' grungy version with cool fonts and music.

Version Español-Tu Cuenta Bancaria Eterna


Spiritual Blindness-Digital Echo Video

Spiritual Blindness  Seeing is not always believing. Copies have sold in 3 countries in two languages.


Give Thanks in All Circumstances-Original Version 

Choose from Three Music Styles to compliment your worship service!

Living with contentment!  Works with sermons on gratitude, missions, hunger, justice, contentment,  poverty and global evangelism.  I Thessalonians 5:16. 

Give Thanks in All-Acoustic Version   Sure to be as popular with young audiences as the big-seller Give Thanks in All Circumstances-Original Version!  Cool, interesting rhythms! 

Give Thanks in All Circumstances-Original   (Stomp Style Percussion Music)   Something fast-paced, contemporary and edgy for any Sunday.  

Give Thanks in All-Rock Version B    And yet...a third choice!  New driving and upbeat rock version.


Digital Echo Video-Grace in Contrast        

Grace in Contrast  Contemporary music moves this powerful video. Our most popular video. This versatile video has been downloaded in 4 countries in two languages. 


Make a Difference!  Digital Echo Sermon Video  Make a Difference!  

Short-Term Missions.  Now is the time to challenge your people to plan how they will spend their Summer of 2010. Inspire them with the Short-term Mission Challenge!  Set to contemporary music and graphics we follow a small group of teens from the US as they experience spiritual lessons and God's provision when they impact a village in Mexico with eternal consequences. Matthew 28:19


What God Sees in Man - Digital Echo Sermon Video

What God Sees in Man Sermon Video  Sermon Illustration.  Fast-paced look at characters from the Bible. Downloaded in 10 countries in two languages!   Also available in a variety of Countdown videos.


Dads According to Kids - Digital Echo Video  Appropriate for Any Day

Dads According to Kids  What Kids say About their Dads- Hilarious! Copies have sold in 4 countries. (Click title to play video)


MLK-Faith is Taking the First Step Sermon Video

The month of February (Black History Month).  Also appropriate for Any Day on justice, reconciliation or just speaking out for what's right!              

Faith is Taking the First Step   Artistically powerful!  Contemporary music and graphics, The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. on faith and sacrifice. Copies have sold in 3 countries at all times of the year!  Martin Luther King's  actual Birthday is January 15th.  It is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of January in the US.   Black History Month is February (U.S. & Canada) and October (U.K).  It has been 40 years since his death on April 4th, 1968.

Martin Luther King's moving words on faith, loyalty, justice, hate and love are portrayed in this powerful and artistic video. This motivating introduction works with themes of reconciliation, purpose, evangelism, love, racism, peace and social action.  The stirring ending is a challenge with Kings words, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter". Great for King's birthday or use during February-Black History Month. This video has been popular all year long!

MLK-Countdown #19-Digital Echo Video-Martin Luther King,Jr.  MLK-Countdown #18-Martin Luther King, Jr. Videos  MLK-Countdown #17-Martin Luther King, Jr. Video

MLK Countdown#17  Faith Steps-Blues Music Intro  Illustration & Countdown in one!  Colorful Abstract Backgrounds in cool blues music intro  (5:00) 

MLK Countdown#18 Faith Steps-Rock Music Intro-Colorful Backgrounds (4:00)  Illustration &  Countdown in one!  Colorful Abstract Backgrounds in rock music intro.

MLK Countdown#19 Faith-Black Intro-White counter-No Music Intro (5:00)   Countdown & Illustration in one!  Illustration follows white counter on black background.


A Mother's Sacrifice-Digital Echo Video 

Excellent for Mother's Day

Appropriate for Any Day!

A Mother's Sacrifice  A best-selling video!  This popular and powerful Man on the Street Video Asks, "Has Someone Ever Given Anything Up for You?" Copies have sold in 7 countries in two languages.  Excellent for Mothers Day!


Mother’s Day Welcome Loop with Bach   Welcome your congregation in a festive way with a beautiful Mother’s Day Rose Loop joined by the uplifting music of Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” on harp. Or use this video as a background for your own music.  The extra long loop plays the piece through fully and then loops seemlessly.   Also in Spanish. 


Mother's Day Rose 10 Minute Countdown©Copyright Digital Echo 2008. All Rights Reserved.

Mother’s Day Countdown with Bach CD27a   Ten Minute Countdown.   Welcome your congregation in a festive way with a beautiful Mother’s Day Rose Loop joined by the uplifting music of Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” on harp. Or use this video as a background for your own music.  The extra long loop plays the piece through fully and then loops seemlessly.   


CD27 Mothers Day Countdown Video-Copyright Digital Echo 2008.All Rights Reserved.

Mother’s Day Countdown with Bach CD27    Five Minute Countdown.   Welcome your congregation in a festive way with a beautiful Mother’s Day Rose Loop joined by the uplifting music of Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” on harp. Or use this video as a background for your own music.  The extra long loop plays the piece through fully and then loops seemlessly.



Mother's Day 5 Minute Looping Welcome with Bach Music L50


Mother's Day 5 Minute Tulip Countdown with Bach CD50

List of All Countdowns Click Here

List of All Welcome Loops Click Here

For Videos from More Categories see links on left of this page (Man on the street, Holiday, Welcome, etc.)

Spanish Video Selection  


Digital Echo Video 


Copyright 2007-2010 Digital Echo. All rights reserved.

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