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Help Viewing Videos

Help Viewing Videos on this site

You will be prompted to allow a free viewer called ActiveX Presenter similar to Flash or Quicktime. 

This is a very safe viewer that will play the video in a very high quality resolution as compared to other common players such as Windows Media Player.  The video will load and then you will need to click again to buffer, please be patient. When you see the picture, Click on the center of the video to play it.  Right click to show full screen for best viewing.  To pause or stop, use right click.  To return to webpage, use your escape key.

If the video is choppy or studdering, stop it, and allow some more time for it to load before trying to play it again. The download has to catch up to the playback.  If it continues to play in a choppy manner, leave the page and come back and try again.  This may also happen when the internet is the busiest. Don't try to download two videos at a time.

It may be helpful to close any other programs and other websites you have open at the time. 

Performance will vary with your computer.  Broadband is recommended, you may not be able to play the video with dial-up.  The final DVD product we create is designed to play on a DVD player with TV monitor and will not studder.

If you need assistance please email: