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What's New


Break Down the Wall - Digital Echo Video

Break Down the Wall    Soon to be released on Sermonspice.  A powerful Easter Season Video that you can use all year long!  We all crave contact with God. This is a powerful introduction to your sermon on breaking down the barrier of sin that keeps us from community with God.   I John 1:3, Romans 5:10, Isaiah 53, Psalms 14, Romans 3

Your Eternal Bank Account - Video for the U.S.

Your Eternal Bank Account   A powerful way to introduce your sermon on the Christian response to the current economic crisis. A video on what Jesus said about money.  Do not up for yourselves treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal.  Now also available for Canada, UK, Euro, Australia & New Zealand and Spanish language with images of currencies pertinent to those countries.  

 Your Eternal Bank Account-UK Version Your Eternal Bank Account-Canadian Version 


 To Select a Version Click Here 


Give Thanks in All Circumstances!  Any Day!

Now Choose from Three Music Styles to compliment your worship service!

Give Thanks in All Circumstances-Thanksgiving or Any Day   Give Thanks in All Circumstances-Thanksgiving or Any Day    Any Day!

Living with contentment!  Works with sermons on gratitude, missions, hunger, justice, contentment,  poverty and global evangelism.  I Thessalonians 5:16.  Spanish version was the Best Seller on Sermonspice.Español for several weeks.

Give Thanks in All-Acoustic Version   Sure to be as popular with young audiences as the big-seller Give Thanks in All Circumstances-Original Version!  Cool, interesting rhythms! 

Give Thanks in All Circumstances-Original   (Stomp Style Percussion Music)   Something fast-paced, contemporary and edgy for any Sunday.  

Give Thanks in All-Rock Version B   And yet...a third choice!  New driving and upbeat rock version.


 Remember the Sacrifice-Full Version 

Remember the Sacrifice-Full Version

This revised version is perfect for use for Veterans Day or any Sunday.  Remember the Sacrifice-Full Version.  Run Time: 5:29.   This newly-edited version has  rich color overlays, and added historic photos. Great for Veterans Day and Remembrance Day: Sunday November 9th.  This video is appropriate for any day. It  has a timeless message of God's sacrifice set to contemporary music.  Run Time: 5:29.


 Remember the Sacrifice-Short Version

Remember the Sacrifice-Short Version

Recently revised and edited to a shorter version with just the WWII veteran.  The story will amaze you! Appropriate for Veterans Day, Remembrance Day or Any Sunday.  Run Time: 3:37.


Stone House copyright Digital Echo 2008


Nature Video Background Loops   for announcements, sermon outlines or lyric text have been added to this site. (Some even have music!)

Speaking Engagements:  Photography Talks

With the current interest in Story Telling and it's importance in video-making, we've added a link to Ira Glass's YouTube talks discussing the Craft of Story Telling:  Story Telling

Digital Echo is now providing videos to the Sermonspice Website which provides pastors with contemporary videos to introduce their sermons, a new trend in worship services.

Our video "Ilustración: "Dad Gracias en Todo" was the #1 video on their Spanish website and "Contraste en Gracia" was #2!  The English versions are:  "Give Thanks in All Circumstances" and "Grace in Contrast".


Digital Echo Video


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