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Slideshow DVDs


Slideshow Video on DVD

We create fabulous Slideshow Videos on DVD from your still photos similar in style to the documentaries produced by Ken Burns.  We use panning and zooming effects that make your images come to life!

Let us add music, titles, and special transitions and you will have a real show stopper that will be the highlight for your family reunion or any other special event. 

Or use the photos from your special event and make a video keepsake that you and your family will treasure and share forever! 

We can use your digital images from a CD or we will scan your precious paper photos for you, handling them as gently as we would if they were our own.  We use archival gloves when handling fragile photos.  We will also digitize your slides.

We can also provide your voice over narration of the show.    

Ask to see samples of our Family History Videos, including: Family Tree Videos, Historic Building Videos, Town Histories, Family Reunions and Special Event Videos.

Let us put your memories into motion!

Watch Sample Videos

Purple Flowers Digital Echo 2008

How Do I Get Started?

First collect the photos you would like to use.  You can use your traditional photos and momentoes that are printed on paper and have us scan them.  Or you can give us a CD with images from your digital camera or those you have scanned yourself.  Photos that are in focus will look the best.   


For photos you would like us to scan:

1. Put your photos in a stack in the order you would like them to be seen in the video.  Number the back lower right corner of each photo lightly with a soft pencil.  You may also want to include photos that are in a photo album.  Mark those with a sticky note on the back of the photo with their number in the order of total photos and keep the albums in an album pile.

2. Fill out the title, caption & music form to show how you would like the titles & music.  We will email you the form upon request.

3. You will have an opportunity to review and make some changes after the draft is made.



Mexico Trip

For digital images from Your CD:

1. If you scan your photos on a scanner, the higher the resolution the better.  A resolution of 1024 x 768 will work well.  Higher resolutions are even better.  The higher resolution enables us to crop and enlarge a photo on the screen and still have it crisp.  It also works better when zooming from a wide shot to a close-up on the video. This for example would be very effective for a group shot starting wide and then narrowing into your subject.   Scans should be 300 to 600 dpi or higher for best results.  However, we will work with lower resolutions.

2. On your computer, label your photos in the order you would like to have them presented.  Change and save each file label so it reads as your last name followed by the number it appears in the order.  (You may use photos we scan for you, photos you scan & photos from your digital camera.  Just be sure to use each number only once so we know in what order you would like them appear)  Each image in the presentation will have it's own number.  The file name should look like this:  



jones3.jpeg, etc.


3. Fill out the title, caption & music form to show how you would like those to be done.  We will email you the form upon request.

4. You will have an opportunity to review and make some changes after the draft is made.

We will take your photos and use our artistic judgment to add motion, zooming, panning to create the appropriate effect.


How Do You Charge for the Moving Photo Video?

The current promotional prices for the video are as follows:

3.00 per image we scan (photos, documents, postcards, slides, etc.)

1.50 per image from your CD

2.00 text only screen 

1.00 per caption on photo

2.00 for each song we provide from our royalty free music library

We will show each image for a duration of 3 to 8 seconds depending on what is appropriate for the panning and image complexity. 

So for longer shows with more images, more songs may be required. 


Digital Echo


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