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Videos & Photography


Digital Echo Sermon Videos & Photography 

Architectural Photography Services                                                       

Videos Distributed by:


Digital Echo's popular videos have been downloaded on five continents in English and Spanish. The previews below are compressed and free to view.  Click the title to view our 111 sermon illustration and text background videos on 10 pages on Sermonspice. 

Digital Echo Video-Grace in Contrast        

Grace in Contrast  Contemporary music moves this powerful video. Our most popular video. This versatile video has been downloaded in 4 countries in two languages.

What God Sees in Man-Digital Echo Sermon Video

Grace Video appropriate for any Day!

What God Sees in Man   Second Chances! A fast-paced, upbeat look at how God could see potential in characters in Bible and asks what does God see in you? Great subject for the New Year or any time. What potential has God given you to serve this year? This is a relevant demonstration of God’s grace to each of us even at times when we least deserve it.  Based Isaiah 55:8-9, “My thoughts are not your thoughts.” and I Samuel 16:7 “Man looks on the outward appearance and God looks upon the heart.”  Produced in a selection of styles to complement any worship or youth service.

Also in Spanish

What God Sees in Man Countdowns (Good for Any Day)

Produced in a selection of styles to complement any worship or youth service. 

Countdown #1 What God Sees in Man - Intro A  - 5:00 minute    Contemplative Music and colorful backgrounds in the countdown portion before the sermon illustration.  5:00 minute

Countdown #2 What God Sees in Man - Intro B  -  5:00 minute - has the same video backgrounds with a high energy rockin' music bed.

Countdown #3 What God Sees in Man - Intro C  - 5:00 minute has a stately black background with white counter and no music in the intro. 

Countdown #4 What God Sees in Man - Intro D  - shorter 4 minute countdown with the video starting at the 3:40 mark. 

“What God Sees in Man” is also available as a Sermonspice Illustration without the counter.

(Countdowns #1-4 are also available in Spanish)

Check out our Patriotic Videos further below for Veterans Day!

Spiritual Blindness-Digital Echo Video

Spiritual Blindness  Seeing is not always believing. Copies have sold in 3 countries in two languages.

Your Eternal Bank Account - Video for the U.S.

Your Eternal Bank Account   A video on what Jesus said about money. Do not up for yourselves treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal. Created to introduce your sermon on today's economic meltdown and how we as Christians should react to it.   Now also available for Canada, Euro, Australia & New Zealand and Spanish language.  

 Your Eternal Bank Account-UK Version Your Eternal Bank Account-Canadian Version 


To Select a Version Click Here

God's Bailout Plan   A rockin' grungy version with cool fonts and music.

Version Espanol-Tu Cuenta Bancaria Eterna

Break Down the Wall - Digital Echo Video

Break Down the Wall     A powerful video that you can use all year long!  We all crave contact with God. This is a moving introduction to your sermon on allowing Christ to break down the barrier of sin that keeps us from community with God.   I John 1:3, Romans 5:10, Isaiah 53, Psalms 14, Romans 3.

Easter10MinuteCD23bSmall TextCopyright2009.DigitalEcho 

Gothic Grunge Crosses CD23a-10Min Lg

All Nature Background Loops  for lyrics, announcements or welcome text with and without traditional and contemporary music. Click title for Nature Loop Selections.

List of All Countdowns

List of All Welcome Loops

Holiday Videos

Live Interviews & Man on the Street Videos

Freedom in Christ

Sacrifice Videos

Patriotic Video Loops for the U.S.

English Language videos created for Audiences outside the United States

Spanish Video Selection

Butterfly background video loop

Countdown #12 Butterfly Background   Length: 5:00.    Butterfly Background with countdown counter and Bach musical piece, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring beautifully played on harp.  This countdown background is ready for your custom text of welcome to your particular church, theme title or message title. Customize this countdown to match your needs or look for this video as you like.

Grunge Butterfly Background Loop for Your Text

Grunge Butterfly Background Loop - L43 - for Your Text  Add your own Announcements, lyrics, welcome, sermon notes or countdown.

Yellow Flowers Green Foliage Short Background Loop

Yellow Flowers Green Foliage Short Loop   for your text.

All Nature Background Loops  for lyrics, announcements or welcome text with and without traditional and contemporary music. Click title for Nature Loop Selections.




Give Thanks in All Circumstances-Any Day-Digital Echo Sermon Video  Give Thanks in All Circumstances-Original Version

THANKSGIVING in 3 Choices of Music Backgrounds and also in Spanish!

Pick a Version to view from the 3 choices below...
A Sermonspice Top 100 Video!
Thanksgiving or Appropriate Any Day!
Living with contentment!  Works with sermons on gratitude, missions, hunger, justice, contentment,  poverty and global evangelism.  I Thessalonians 5:


Give Thanks in All Circumstances-Original Stomp Version Video

Give Thanks in All Circumstances-Original    (Stomp Style Percussion Music)   Something fast-paced, contemporary and edgy for any Sunday.  Very popular last Thanksgiving.

Also in Spanish

Give Thanks in All - Acoustic Rock Version
Give Thanks in All-Acoustic Version   This NEW acoustic version, not available until now,  has broken through to Sermonspice's Top 100 Chart months before Thanksgiving this year!  Sure to be as popular with young audiences as the big-seller, Give Thanks in All Circumstances-Original Version!  Cool, interesting rhythms! 
Give Thanks in All Circumstances-Acoustic Music Video
Give Thanks in All-Rock Version B    And yet…a new third choice!  Another new, driving and upbeat, feel-good rock version! 


Digital Echo Graphics


All images & videos on this website are copyrighted.  Use only for promotion and in conjunction with the videos purchased.

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